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NH1003 | The Cottage House


·           As a modular system, great flexibility in design,

·           Lighter, easier transport and installation, also easily demountable

·           Outer and room walls made of SMC panels of 100 mm thickness, filled with fireproof polyisocyanate (PIR), offering high heat resistance and sound insulation thanks to polyurethane fill

·           No concrete or steel structure is used, wholly manufactured of 30% fiber glass and carbon fiber, A class, and of UL 94 B Class fireproof SMC raw material

·           Resistant to earthquakes of higher scales, provides higher resistance compared to steel structures

·           As a modular system design, it provides an inner and outer design flexibility, additional unit or spare part is supplied when required

·           Its raw material SMC is anti-bacterial

·           All sanitary and electrical equipment, if required heating equipment, is installed in panels, not seen from neither outside nor inside

·           All doors are sliding in walls to offer larger spaces

·           All bearing posts, beams are made of SMC

·           If no foundation available, optional plug into ground is also available