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About US
Nevka Composite House was founded on 24.000 m2 closed area in Konya  at 3. Organized Industrial...

About US

Nevka Composite House was founded on 24.000 m2 closed area in Konya  at 3. Organized Industrial Site within the structure of Kahveci Otomotiv in 2014. Nevka Composite House Company manufacture Composite Houses, Containers, Mushroom Houses, Steel Construction,  3D Wall Panels, Doors and Septic Tanks.

Nevka Composite House has met SMC (Sheet  Moulding Compound) technology with  economic and practical living environments. The main purpose of the projects , whether for individual or professional use, is to offer high quality, long–life, healthier solutions at various whether conditions as standard.

Nevka Composite House solutions, can be either applied at urban regeneration projects or at labor camps required during mall or other construction projects of large scale, or when required by enhancing bullet proof specification of the material, can also respond to the security requirements, and provide fast, as well as aesthetical and durable solutions with compact bathroom units and doors of the product range for all types of interior renovation.

The common characteristics of  Nevka Composite House is to offer, compared to other type of structures, higher resistance to the large scale earthquakes, thanks to its lighter and flexible structure with no need to the steel and concrete components. Nevka Composite House solutions enable also heat and sound insulation, as well as fire proof thanks to polyisocyanate fill material.

Modular system, besides highest safety standards and ease of assembly, offers also the possibility to renew or enlarge the living environment through additional parts and units. Panels do not require any paint, since they are coated with UV protection, but also meet the customers with more enjoyable living environments thanks to its self-patterned design.

Nevka Composite House, works under international standards from the design phase until the delivery to the customer and does not sacrifice quality in line with customer expectations.